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IT Security Audits, Penetration Testing, NIS2 Directive. Ensure your company's cybersecurity.

Toro Cybersecurity

How to Ensure Cybersecurity for Your Company?

In 2022, over half of SMEs experienced a hacker attack attempt.

Preventing the consequences of an attack can be hundreds of thousands of times cheaper than the penalty for data breach. That's why it's worth securing your company and starting with a Toro Cybersecurity audit. This way you will discover security gaps in your business. Ensure yourself a peaceful sleep.

* Cybersecurity Barometer KPMG. Edition 2023

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Your Security in the Hands of Toro Cybersecurity Experts

The knowledge and skills of our team of auditors are confirmed by independent certificates. It is a sign of quality and your assurance that experienced experts conduct the audit.

  • GIAC Information Security Professional
  • GIAC Certified Security Professional
  • Internal auditor of the ISMS (ISO/IEC27001)
  • CEH
  • Lead ISO 22301&27001
  • OSWE
  • OSCP
  • CRTO
  • CRTP
  • CRTE
  • eWPTXv2
  • eMAPT
  • eWPTv1
  • AZ-900
  • OSCP
  • eXtreme
  • PenTest+

Do You Know Where You Have Gaps in Cybersecurity?

Toro Cybersecurity Audit is an investment in Your peace of mind.

Check where the gaps are.

Find security vulnerabilities. Quickly determine how to address them.

Join the elite companies

Protect your clients' data. Join the elite of cybersecurity companies.

Attract Clients

Show off your audit certificate. Clients will appreciate that you care about their safety.

Can you afford the fines?

Avoid fines for breaching data protection laws. Secure the future of your company.

Global Service

Outsmart the hackers. Feel the pride of securing your business.

Stay up-to-date

Technology changes every day. You must have up-to-date security measures.


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