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We are a software house that since 2015 has been creating ready-made solutions and offering IT expert leasing. We combine knowledge of software engineering with an understanding of client needs. We translate business language into many programming languages.

Toro Performance

Competence Leasing

We provide support in expanding IT teams in both international corporations and developing start-ups. We have a large team of programmers, project managers, and other specialists ready to join your project in a scope and time tailored to your needs.

Need unique competencies? We will find the right expert for you. We will conduct the entire recruitment process along with the verification of technical skills.

Together we can expand your business!

Mobile Apps

We support the development of mobile applications, both in native Android and iOS technologies, as well as using multi-platform solutions​.


We analyze and implement data security solutions. We carry out audits that check how exposed the organization is to cyber attacks and recommend solutions for the future.

Software Engineering

We help our clients in the field of creating and testing software according to the latest technologies and best practices​.

Web Development

We create advanced web applications based on the latest technological solutions. We also provide UX/UI support and offer maintenance and development services for legacy platforms.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Thanks to cloud solutions that provide convenient and fast access to common resources, we help bring applications to market and reduce costs​.

PM and Consulting

We support project implementation and effective resource management thanks to Salesforce, SAP, ERP, PM consultants.

Data & Analytics

We provide new possibilities for strategy building and business development, thanks to specialists engaged in designing and building databases and implementing analytical systems.

Latest technologies

We provide you with experience and knowledge of the latest technologies. Each specialist in your project is an expert in programming and delivering IT solutions.

Toro Performance Teams

We have the right specialists for your project

Experts precisely tailored to your needs. Within just a few dozen hours, you'll receive verified candidate profiles of people who could join your team.

In our offer, you'll find developers and project teams. We'll conduct sourcing on the market using advanced tools.

Secure your business

Toro Cybersecurity

Not only banks or international corporations are vulnerable to hacker attacks. In recent years, the number of incidents targeting small and medium-sized businesses has been rapidly increasing. Check if your company is resistant to them.

Our offer includes both swift analyses of network architecture and real-life tests of your system's resistance to external threats. We will assist you in implementing solutions that comply with NIS2 and ISO27001 standards.


Find out what's important in the world of IT. How can it impact your business? Here you will find knowledge that will help you stay ahead of the game.


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