Cybersecurity training

Your employees determine your Cybersecurity

We will show your employees how to take care of cybersecurity at work.


Cybersecurity training

Toro cybersecurity training gives your employees the knowledge and skills essential to protecting your company from sensitive data leaks.

After training, each employee will know how hackers operate, how to respond to attacks, and what to do when security systems fail.

Security threats

We examine actions that lead to data breaches and teach how to prevent them. Our employees acquire knowledge and skills to detect threats.

Cybersecurity Procedures

What should an employee do to ensure company cybersecurity? How to behave when a breach occurs? How to minimize the effects of an attack. Security procedures protect your company against cyber threats.

Data Storage and Security

You get precise knowledge on how to securely store and take care of data. You'll gain assurance that sensitive data is well-protected.

What will you gain?

Employees trained to combat cyber attacks

Digital threats pose a real danger to your company. That's why cyber security skills are crucial for all employees. Toro CyberSecurity training provides effective protection against potential threats and safeguards sensitive data.

Team Awareness

Your employees will be fully aware of the risks of data leaks and the consequences for the company and themselves.

Prepare for Incidents

Everyone in your organization will know how to react to incidents. What steps should be taken to minimize or prevent such threats.

Lower risk of attacks and financial losses

Your company will be prepared for cyber attacks before they even occur. You will effectively deter criminals from attempting to breach your system.

Customer Trust

You will show your customers that you take their personal data protection seriously. You are building the image of a company that cares about security.

Data security

Reasons for Toro Cybersecurity

By choosing Toro, you gain a partner who specializes in cyber security. We continuously monitor the latest threats and vulnerabilities used by cybercriminals. Our goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date solutions for data protection.



We have been operating in the IT industry for 9 years. We regularly assist clients with their IT needs.


Individual approach

Our solutions are tailored to your needs and goals.



We react immediately because we know how valuable your time is.



We use the latest technology and tools so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

Toro Performance

Your Security in the Hands of Toro Cybersecurity Experts

The knowledge and skills of our team of auditors are confirmed by independent certificates. This is a sign of quality and your assurance that the audit is conducted by experienced experts.

  • GIAC Information Security Professional
  • GIAC Certified Security Professional
  • Internal auditor of the ISMS (ISO/IEC27001)
  • CEH
  • Lead ISO 22301&27001
  • OSWE
  • OSCP
  • CRTO
  • CRTP
  • CRTE
  • eWPTXv2
  • eMAPT
  • eWPTv1
  • AZ-900
  • OSCP
  • eXtreme
  • PenTest+
See how you can ensure your safety

Our process



Schedule a free meeting with us to learn how we can assist you.



We agree on the audit scope beforehand.



We conduct a complete system check. Our inspection will not disrupt your company's operations.



You receive a report with audit results, risk assessment, and actions for implementation.


Do you have any questions? Write to us. Toro Cyber Security expert will call you back immediately and answer all your questions. The call is free.

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