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OK, so your website or webstore is ready. But how to use this huge opportunity and get a constant flow of new customers? How to bring them to your website and how to make them choose your offer over your competitors?

Internet is a chance but it’s also a very tough battlefield. In order to succeed you need to have a good plan. We know how to conduct efficient campaigns in this challenging environment and how to build your success online.



To prepare a reasonable online marketing strategy we need to conduct an audit. With this comprehensive research we are able to understand your and your customers needs, identify all technical issues, business opportunities or blockers.

Each audit consists of 10 sections each covering different area of your online business and containing improvement ideas. Based on this document we are able to prepare a reasonable action plan and choose online marketing channels with the highest business potential.

Audit is a good idea for all businesses, also to these with long established position. It helps to discover many small issues that altogether are responsible for big problems.

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Website Audit
Website Audit


When all issues and chances are identified we start working on strategy. Good, tailor-made strategy is your key to success. All our actions are data-driven. That’s why we always start co-operation with our customers with the selection of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and set up a reasonable but ambitious aims that should be achieved in the next months.

During this process we build two documents: Action Plan and Marketing KPIs Dashboard. These documents are a perfect addition to our weekly or monthly meetings with customers. They are an easy and fast way to be up to date and to understand what is the current performance.

Through our experience we have learned which KPIs are important and what should be tracked. We advice you and explain what should be tracked in your business. We are here to help you.



Online Marketing is a huge opportunity mostly because it’s trackable. It gives you a perfect overview of what is working and what is not. You know exactly that each € or $ spent on channel X gives you Y amount of return. Thanks to this your campaigns can be much more efficient and ROI can be much higher.

Before we start our campaigns we make sure that your tracking is properly implemented. We need to be sure that we have good quality data, not disrupted with spam traffic or any wrong implementation. Communication between your website and all marketing tools we use has to be seamless and smooth.


Tracking and Analytics
SEO (Serach Engine Optimization)


Once we have everything checked, planned and properly set up we can start the magic. We now start to implement your brand new online marketing strategy. Optimize onpage elements of your website to meet all audit recommendations, start campaigns and build reporting dashboards.

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Ok, so now you know how we work. But how exactly can we help you? If you are looking for Jack of all trades we won’t be a right choice for you.
We are experts and we are proud of it. We have 3 teams dedicated to 3 specific channels: SEO, SEM and SMM.


SEO (Serach Engine Optimization)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental first step towards increased visibility and competitiveness of your website. SEO is based on both technical and creative resources and as such will focus on how your website is perceived by your audience (UX and Conversion Rate Optimization), the community in your sector (off-page SEO: Link Building, Content Marketing and Web PR) and the search engines (technical SEO). Since SEO aims to attract traffic to your website through organic (non-paid) search results, it can have an outstanding ROI compared to other digital marketing channels.

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AdWords is the most popular online advertising service backed by Google. Besides of other use cases it allows advertisers, such as you, to place ads in the Google’s results page and bid for the best placement. Every time when user searches for a specific product or keyword you can present your ad on top of other results. Extensive targeting options and precise tracking solutions are responsible for big efficiency of this online marketing channel.

We will put your website ahead of competition by conducting a thorough keywords research, creating conversion-optimized landing pages and building intelligent campaigns that convert. In contrary to SEO, AdWords campaigns can bring you immediate results.

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Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Advertising


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are an enormous source of information about your customers, their behaviours, interests and preferences. Thanks to its extensive and precise targeting options advertising in social media can be very efficient. We will use the data to create and distribute ads relevant to your current and future customers. Our creative approach, proper tracking implementation and constant data-driven tests will guarantee your success.

Social Media is a great marketing channel. While it brings exceptional results for many businesses it doesn’t have to work for yours. Contact us and discuss the best online marketing strategy for your company. We will make sure that you spend money only on channels that are worth it.

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At Toro Performance Group we know that strategic decisions like new website or webstore require a lot trust. We are here to help and advice you. Don’t hesitate to contact us through the form below.

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