Why you should avoid focusing on a select number of keywords?

By 9th November 2018Online Marketing, SEO
Why you should avoid focusing on a select number of keywords_

Have you ever wondered why you should choose a set of keywords for your site to be positioned optimally for the entire duration of activities?

From the point of view of an entrepreneur, it is completely meaningless; in many cases, the owner of the company is not able to predict exactly what products will start selling, which ones will simply disappear, and which of them will become popular and the most profitable. This situation is particularly difficult when it comes to large online stores and positioning <link>long-tail keywords</ link>.

Changing keywords

When changing the keywords list, it might be prejudicial to both sides and the agency will have to start working all over again from scratch. Also, the client might need to review any agreements if the keywords are mentioned in them.

It is important to better understand SEO agencies here. The statement “Positioning is a long-term process” is quite correct in this industry and so, it might come to pass that the agreement must be renegotiated once again.

Most of the activities performed by SEO specialists (apart from the technical issues) are based on a list of keywords. When changing keywords by adding completely different ones from the old website topic, it means that all the effort invested in the previous keywords has been wasted.

So how do you find a good solution for both sides?

In my opinion (as in other cases related to positioning issues) the most important factor to take into consideration is honesty.

It is crucial for the client to be aware of the limitations related to this topic and to understand that changing keywords will very often never be properly aligned with a typical SEO strategy.

On the other hand, you should also understand the client’s needs. Within two years, the client can introduce new products to the offer, remove unnecessary content, and/or want to focus on a slightly different range of services. If everything is still related to thematics, it is possible to make such exchanges by simply modifying the keyword strategy.

Market research

In addition to the above, new market research has to take place which should include:

  • Keyword research
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Activities within the market

Choosing a set of keywords is a completely different process which happens only after checking the current page position within the market, the product offer, and the customer’s requirements.

Before implementing keywords, we must first analyze the traffic and look for potential keywords that can give us new users in a short period of time. It is important to ask which products are more profitable so those can go to the tip of the optimization list. Getting to know the product, industry, and customer behaviors will be a great help.

What elements are worth checking?

In the next sections of this article, I will discuss the most important aspects of website optimization and briefly describe what to pay special attention to.
In addition, we will explore ways to improve your website in order to increase its ranking on Google Search and boost your organic traffic.

Tomasz Sikora
Head of SEO at Toro Performance Group

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