Why is Online Marketing important for your business?

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Why marketing is important to your business

It is fascinating how quickly and successfully businesses adapted to the digital universe; over the past year we have learned, adapted, and relearned, readapting to the new technologies that surround us.

Here is a brief Story about the internet and it’s evolution:


It all started with Pre-internet, where the information was sent/received via Fixed & mobile devices via SMS and calls.

Internet of CONTENT:

Due to the creation of networks, content came to the WWW generation, where emails took a gigantic step.

Internet of SERVICES:

In this phase, IT platforms & Services became smarter and more automated, this was the beginning of what we now know as eCommerce.

Internet of PEOPLE:

Social Media became part of our lives and channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter took over.

Internet of THINGS:

Working on a Machine to Machine system, online activities are being tracked, monitored, and stored as information becomes the main currency worldwide.

It doesn’t stop there; in 2016, there were around 20 Billion devices connected, in 2018, 28.4 Billion devices and by 2020 it is estimated to be 50.1 billion devices. Pretty impressive when we compare this with 2003, right? (0.5 Billion).

Internet video consumption over the years.

Now you have a clear idea of how important it is to adapt your business, let’s explore how.

#1 How can I reach out to my customers?

That’s right, once you know what your product/service has to offer, you need to ask yourself how to reach out to your potential clients and exactly what message you would like to transmit.

Well, we have good news for you; considering your targeted audience is aged from 16 to 45 years old, he/she most likely spend some time online on a daily basis and you can advertise your business on Portals such as Facebook and Google Ads. The flexibility here is huge given the fact you are able to target the user by Age, Gender, Device, OS and much much more.

#2 How can I measure the impact of my ads online?

Let’s make a comparison: If you are torn between renting a billboard or running a campaign on Facebook ads, here are the advantages of advertising online:

  • You are able to target a specific audience.
  • You will be able to measure the impact of your ads.
  • You can easily run tests and find out which ads or targeted audience is performing better.
  • You are able to monitor the performance on a daily basis.
  • And much more…

#3 Get to know your customer

Understanding what your client does on a daily basis is super important, besides being interested in your products, what other interests catch the attention of your customer?

Luckily for you, there is a tool called Facebook Insights, very handy when it comes to getting to know more about your existing and potential customers.

With Facebook Insights you can:

  1. Check your audience based on age, gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status, job role, and even household size.
  2. Where they live and what language they speak.
  3. What device they use and any other pages that they follow.

Here comes the best part; you are able to not only check your current audience but you can also check your competition’s audience base. The beauty of it really comes from the fact that you can analyze your competitor’s audience base, create a custom audience based on their profile, and target them with paid ads.

To sum up this section, with Facebook Insights you are able to:

  1. Lower your marketing expenses and target your audience more precisely.
  2. Have more detailed information about your audience, getting to know them better.
  3. Analyze and target your competitor’s audience.

#4 Interact with your clients

Today’s technology allows you to establish much closer communication with your client but the issue is that most organizations still fail on engaging with their customers. In order to avoid following in their footsteps, you will need to make sure you provide useful information on a daily basis so you can build trust and analyze your customer stats to better enable them to purchase your product.

  1. Create community networks and establish daily communication with your clientele. You can find new customers, retain the ones you already have, and make sure your content is part of your customers daily social life. As for the content itself, my suggestion would be to avoid sales speeches and focus more on engaging content (70% relevant content, 20% share content, 10% sales).
  2. Listen to your customer and get him/her involved on your posts, ask questions, do an online survey, make a live stream and allow your clients to ask you questions, this process will naturally strengthen your relationship with the customer and more likely your sales will increase over time.
  3. Share your achievements with your customers, every milestone is important for both members of your team and the clients. From anniversaries to records and achievements or even social events. The same happens when we look at influencer Marketing, the more information you share with your fans, the more they will like and engage with you.
  4. Run giveaways and events dedicated to your customers, offer them the opportunity to openly ask you questions or offer them exclusive content, making them feel special and a part of your business. Reply to their comments on your social media channels. Engage and re-engage, by doing that you and your business will be part of their lives.

#5 See your business grow even if you have a Brick & Mortar business

Have a physical store and want to attract new customers? No worries, it is perfectly possible!

Let’s say that you are running a shoe company in Chicago and you would like to advertise your business to people who are looking for a new pair of boots. You are able to set a campaign on Google Adwords and target people who are within 10 KM of your store. All you have to do is:

      1. Register your company as a business on Google, you will be providing Google with the basic information about your business (name, location, working hours etc).

  1. After receiving confirmation that your store has successfully completed the registration, it’s time to put your plan into action. Set up the campaign on Google ads and make sure you are targeting users by demographics and location within 10 km of your store. That way, when the user googles your service, your business will appear in their search with all the necessary information such as distance, tarings, and working hours.

Bingo! The client needed to buy new shoes so, he/she searched on Google, found your business, and more than likely will now visit your store and buy your product.

What comes next?

Like any other business, yours has to understand and adapt to your client’s lifestyle by constantly planning, executing, and measuring online marketing campaigns, this is the key to your success as you continue to learn more about your customer’s interests and needs.

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