Search Engine Optimization, where to start?

By 12th October 2018Online Marketing, SEO
Search Engine Optimization where to start

Optimizing a website today goes beyond the SEO specialists. In my opinion, website owners who use their websites for business purposes should take that into consideration. All the more so if it is an online store. Then, a website is the platform for running your business and it depends on it the most.

What is optimization?

Optimization is not just about including keywords where necessary. First of all, the business owner needs to make sure the website transparent, containing the most important information, is easy to navigate and does not contain any errors.  As an outcome, this will only serve to improve the user experience and will surely also have a positive impact on the reception of the site by network robots.

In addition, the code implementation and placement of appropriate elements, which are only visible to search engine robots, are an additional plus that will influence the website’s position and its visibility on the web.

SEO Optimization
Getting started with SEO

Where to start?

It is always good to have a plan. Therefore, the first step towards implementing the optimization will be a site audit.

The basic improvements will be supported by automatic tools for checking this type of thing, but nothing will replace an independent search for errors and analysis. In the next sections of the article, I will discuss which tools are worth using in each case and what changes need to be done. After that, the information should be collected as a whole.

Take note of all the changes you would like to implement within your timeline, taking into consideration the priority of each one. It’s very important to collect information and plan the next steps before starting any optimization. During your work process, it is possible that you will encounter some obstacles. In fact, this is quite a common situation since sometimes the CMS used to manage the website does not have the features to implement the changes you want.

In any case, every change for improvement is one step forward. The most important thing to bear in mind is to have a functional website with user-friendly and simple navigation that provides the required necessary information or solution the user is looking for in a convenient manner and short time frame.

What comes next?

In the next sections of this article, I will discuss the most important aspects of website optimization and briefly describe what to search for, and what to improve so that your website will be more UX friendly and at the same time have a higher ranking on Google search results.


Tomasz Sikora
Head of SEO at Toro Performance Group

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